Motivational CDs & MP3s

Motivational CDs & MP3s

New Audio Book: The Go-Getter

For our new audio book of the month to start 2008, we are offering The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be One by Peter B. Kyne. This motivational story follows the persistent efforts of a hardworking salesman named Peck who seeks to impress the executives by carrying out his slogan: "It shall be done."

The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be One

This hour-long audio book is an entertaining way to get motivated, whether it be for your job, your education, or any other resolutions you have made for yourself in the coming year. The Go-Getter is well read by Richard Lund and available on MP3 Download exclusively at LearnOutLoud.com.

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Motivational Audio For The New Year

Have you made resolutions for the New Year yet? Whatever you plan to do this year, LearnOutLoud.com features a wealth of motivational audio to help you stay on track towards fulfilling your resolutions. We've assembled this list of some of the best audio books, downloads, podcasts, and free resources to motivate you through 2008:

Best Motivational Audio Books on CD:
Getting Things Done by David Allen
The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy
Goals by Zig Ziglar
Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler

Best Motivational MP3 Downloads:
21 Great Ways to Manage your Time and Double your Productivity by Brian Tracy
Goal Achievement by Effective Learning Systems
Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success
Manage Your Time, Master Your Life by Robin Sharma
A Year to Live by Stephen Levine

Best Motivational Podcasts:
8Quotes - Motivational Quote Podcast
Inspiring Words of Encouragement Podcast by Zig Ziglar
Robin Sharma's Podcast
Motivation To Move Podcast by Scott Smith
David Allen Company Podcast

Best Motivational Free Resources:
Zaadz Notes: Writing Your Goals by Brian Johnson
Yes You Can by Jim Donovan
Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best Motivational Authors:
Anthony Robbins
Brian Tracy
Zig Ziglar
Wayne Dyer

Best Motivational Publishers:
Effective Learning Systems
Highroads Media
Hay House

Start your year right with motivational audio from LearnOutLoud.com!

Learn a New Language This Year For Free!

Was "learning a new language" one of your New Year's Resolutions? eduFire.com just launched a brand new blog that contains hundreds of free resources to help you learn another language. It's a great and easy way to move towards fluency without spending a dime or leaving the comfort of your living room. They've done the work to find the best language learning materials on the web so you don't have to. You can go to http://blog.edufire.com or click on links for popular languages below:

Spanish: 23 videos, 11 podcasts and 16 articles
English: 32 videos, 28 podcasts and 25 articles
Mandarin: 22 videos, 9 podcasts and 16 articles
+ 7 other languages at http://blog.edufire.com

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