TeachOutLoud Audiobook Self Publishing Introduction

TeachOutLoud Audiobook Self Publishing Introduction

Announcing TeachOutLoud

After a lot of hard work and a few teases here in the newsletter we're happy to announce that we're officially taking the wraps off of TeachOutLoud.

What is TeachOutLoud?

It's a great question and here's our short answer. TeachOutLoud is a service that allows you to share your audio and video educational content with the world. If you've got something to teach (e.g., yoga, meditation, a foreign language, etc.) and want to reach a wider audience and perhaps make a little money in the process then you should definitely check out TeachOutLoud. We've already had dozens of titles uploaded and we'd love it if you'd like to add to that number.

Here are a few highlights of the service:

-As a content producer you receive a royalty of 60% for sales of your content.
-There is no fee to list and host your educational content through TeachOutLoud.
-You supply the content and we do everything else: Hosting, e-commerce, customer service, getting Oprah to mention your audiobook (OK, maybe not that last one...)
-You get your own customized and professional product and author pages just like the ones you see on LearnOutLoud.

We have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to get your content up in minutes. If you're interested in giving it a try head on over to www.teachoutloud.com and click on the "Get Started" button or click on the "Learn More" button to view more information and our video tutorials.

Also, please feel free to share TeachOutLoud with anyone you know who might have interest in using the service. We'd really appreciate it. Our goal is to bring more high-quality audio and video content to you and TeachOutLoud is one of the ways we plan to do that. We hope you enjoy it!

New Titles for Download

We've been busy getting a lot of new titles up for you to download. Here's a sampling:

Wildmind Publishing - Guided meditation is one of the best ways to relax the body and clear the mind. With these downloads you can do that anywhere you are. Check out popular titles including those by Bodhipaksa (some of which sell for as low as $1.10!)

The Templeton Foundation Press - Sir John Templeton has lived an incredible life (Wikipedia entry here) and his Templeton Foundation is doing amazing work around the world. We're privileged to make the Templeton Foundation Press audio material available for download through LearnOutLoud. Take a listen to titles by Harold G. Koenig and Sir John himself.

Selected Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson - We're big fans of Emerson here at LearnOutLoud.com and you'll be happy to hear that this title is completely free for you to donwload throughout the month of April.

We've got many more titles coming soon and will do our best to keep you posted through the newsletter.

Our Best-Selling Audiobooks

We've recently listed the best-selling titles on our site. Some of the best-sellers were pretty easy to guess but others were surprises (who knew we had so many Portugese speakers looking to learn English?!). Here is our most recent list of top sellers:

1. Meditations for Manifesting by Wayne Dyer
2. English for Portuguese (Brazilian) Speakers
3. The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren
4. Energizing the Body by Dan Millman
5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
6. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
7. The Chronicles of Narnia CD Box Set by C. S. Lewis
8. English for Spanish Speakers (Instant Conversation)
9. The Twelve Gateways to Freedom by Dan Millman
10. Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

And if you're interested in finding out the top selling items in any of our categories you'll find those listed in our sale section.

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