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This Author: Ronald D. Siegel
This Publisher: Mindfulness Solution

The Mindfulness Solution Guided Meditations by Ronald D. Siegel

The Mindfulness Solution Guided Meditations

by Ronald D. Siegel

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Audio Original
Listen to this generous offering of over a dozen free guided meditations from Dr. Ronald D. Siegel. These audio meditations led by Dr. Siegel are available to stream or download on MP3 from his website. Dr. Siegel is a professor of psychology at the Harvard Medical School and has authored numerous books on mindfulness including The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems. The meditations offered on this website are actually drawn from that book, and the book provides more detail of when and how to use these meditations. In these meditations, Dr. Siegel provides a soothing voice of instruction as he guides you on a variety of meditation exercises that we've listed below. The meditations run from about 10 minutes to about 45 minutes in length. Also on the page are some shorter meditations from his book Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy. While these are designed for use in psychotherapy, they can also be used for personal meditation practice.

Meditations on this site include:

Befriending the Changes (23 Min.)

Body Scan Meditation (48 Min.)

Breath Awareness Meditation (33 Min.)

Breath Practice Sampler (32 Min.)

Breathing Together (30 Min.)

Listening Meditation (11 Min.)

Loving-Kindness Meditation (28 Min.)

Mountain Meditation (10 Min.)

Raisin Meditation (22 Min.)

Separating the Two Arrows (23 Min.)

Stepping into Fear (8 Min.)

Stepping into Sadness (20 Min.)

Thought Labeling (10 Min.)

Tonglen Practice (13 Min.)

Urge Surfing for Cravings (11 Min.)

Urge Surfing for Pain (11 Min.)

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