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Dan Siegel & Goldie Hawn on Mindfulness


Free Resource - July 26th, 2010
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Goldie Hawn and Dan Siegel at TEDMED 2009

The TEDMED conference brings together leading thinkers in the areas of medical technology and the healthcare industry to participate in a conversation as it relates to personal and public health. Much like the popular TED conference, TEDMED features brief presentations from speakers in diverse fields addressing some aspect of health and medicine.

In this talk actress Goldie Hawn introduces her Hawn Foundation, which she founded to teach children the practice of mindful awareness and to educate them about their brains. Dr. Dan Siegel joins her half way through the talk to discuss the scientific reasoning behind bringing these practices into schools. His findings at the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA have demonstrated that mindful awareness practices can be more effective than prescription drugs when it comes to confronting many difficulties kids are facing in school. While these practices of reflection have previously been confined to religious traditions, Dr. Siegel feels that due to the scientific evidence backing their effectiveness they should now be incorporated into education along with reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Goldie Hawn and Dan Siegel at TEDMED 2009

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Dr. Daniel Amen Audio Downloads

Dr. Daniel Amen Audio Downloads

Dr. Daniel Amen is a Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. He helped pioneer the use of brain SPECT imaging in psychiatry. He is the CEO and Medical Director of Amen Clinics, Inc. Amen Clinics have world's largest database of brain scans (>40,000) and have seen patients from all 50 states and 62 countries.

Daniel Amen is the author of over 30 professional papers, and 22 books, including the NY Times bestsellers Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Healing Anxiety and Depression, Making A Good Brain Great, and Sex on the Brain. Dr. Daniel Amen's high school course, Making A Good Brain Great, on "practical brain science health education" is now in 34 states and 7 countries.

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