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Free Resource - September 7th, 2010
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What is a Star?

This is the first lecture from the Modern Scholar course Heavens Above: Stars, Constellations, and the Sky taught by Professor James Kaler.

Professor James Kaler shares his genuine awe and lifelong fascination with the stars in this opening lecture. He describes what a star is and provides a lot of info about our closet star, the Sun. Kaler covers the colors, brightness, and sizes of stars, the history of stars, and the number of visible stars in our night sky. The lecture will help you put things in perspective in relation to our vast universe. This free lecture is available to download exclusively through LearnOutLoud.com on MP3.

What is a Star?

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Astronomy Audio
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Astronomy Audio

Are you curious about the billions of galaxies swirling around throughout the universe? Interested in gaining a better understanding of astronomy? The LearnOutLoud.com 'Astronomy' section includes a variety of audio programs to satisfy your curiosity about everything from extraterrestrials and the universe to what's new with NASA and famous astronomers. Listeners can browse through a variety of courses, podcasts and audio books to find titles like Astronomy I: Earth, Sky and Planets, a manageable, 14 lecture course that covers the Earth and the other planets in our Solar System. Astronomy: The Heavenly Challenge, provides a brief history of the science of astronomy.

Other titles include A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. The author covers everything from paleontology and particle physics to chemistry and astronomy in a humorous and down-to-earth manner. There are also a variety of audio books available by Timothy Ferris, science writer and author of 11 books including Life Beyond Earth. Stephen Hawking is the theoretical physicist and author of the classic, A Brief History of Time and his updated and more accessible version of the classic A Briefer History of Time.

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Whether you're searching for NASA audio, you want to learn about the galaxy and the universe or you're looking for specifics like an introduction to astronomy LearnOutLoud.com features many possibilities for you to explore.

Astronomy Audio

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