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Townhall.com - Michael Medved Podcast

The Republican party gained the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives after yesterday's election. In this podcast popular conservative author and talk radio host Michael Medved interviews the new House majority leader Republican John Boehner along with prominent conservative voices such as Oliver North, John McCain, RNC chairman Michael Steele, Rudy Giuliani, Karl Rove, Shelby Steele, Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter, and Mike Huckabee. As a film critic Medved also does dozens of One Minute Movie Reviews on the podcast. And perhaps the most interesting podcast on the feed is a rowdy, 2-hour long debate conducted on November 1st between Medved and progressive talk radio host Thom Hartmann concerning the issues America faces today.

Townhall.com - Michael Medved Podcast

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Right Turns: Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life

Michael Medved is an orthodox Jew whose popular radio show is a favorite with evangelical Christians. As a nationally syndicated movie reviewer he made headlines with a controversial book titled Hollywood vs. America. He is a fervent and committed conservative who once worked 18-hour days in Bobby Kennedy's presidential campaign. And he counts among his friends both Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton. He is a unique man, with a unique story to tell.

In Right Turns, Medved recounts his incredible journey from secularism to religion, from adventurous single man to devoted and doting husband and father, from gloomy critic of "our sick society" to optimistic and impassioned promoter of American patriotism. With conviction but without vitriol, he relates his sometimes painful but ultimately illuminating process of maturation. Right Turns is a candid, often funny, thoroughly captivating memoir that says a lot about the interplay of the personal and the political.

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Latest Political Audio Books
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Today is midterm election day! It's time to put on your political thinking caps! We've added a number of audio books confronting America's current political situation from across the political spectrum. Here are a few to get you thinking:

Obama's Wars (Abridged) & Obama's Wars (Unabridged) by Bob Woodward - Working behind the scenes for 18 months, Bob Woodward has written the most intimate and sweeping portrait of President Obama making the critical decisions on the Afghanistan War, the secret war in Pakistan, and the worldwide fight against terrorism.

The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland by Glenn Beck - With his inimitable combination of self-effacing humor and heartfelt conviction, Glenn rails against many of the forces that keep us from our potential as a nation and as individuals - and tells how to overcome them.

The Obama Diaries by Laura Ingraham - Popular conservative radio host Laura Ingraham discusses President Obama's first year in office. Informative and hugely entertaining, The Obama Diaries will inspire both laughter and critical thinking about the future of the nation and the man currently at the helm.

The Death of Conservatism by Sam Tanenhaus - Tanenhaus argues that the Right has been split between two factions: consensus-driven "realists," who believe in the virtue of government and its power to adjust to changing conditions, and movement "revanchists," who distrust government and society - and often find themselves at war with America itself.

Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies by Michelle Malkin - In Culture of Corruption, Michelle Malkin lays bare the Obama administration's seamy underside that the liberal media would rather keep hidden.

The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama - At the heart of this audiobook is Senator Obama's vision of how we can move beyond our divisions to tackle concrete problems. Underlying his stories about family, friends, members of the Senate, and even the president is a vigorous search for connection: the foundation for a radically hopeful political consensus.

Right Now: A 12-Step Program to Restore America's Future by Michael Steele - As Republicans look for new ideas to guide them back to power, the Republican National Committee has a new chairman in Michael Steele. In his new book, Right Now, Steele outlines a path for Republicans to reconnect with America and retake the majority.

Ending the War on Drugs by Dirk Chase Eldredge - Author Dirk Eldredge demonstates how the drug war has led only to overcrowded courts and prisons, rising crime, official corruption, eroded civil rights and race relations, and new public-health crises.

A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media by Bernard Goldberg - A blistering takedown of the media's slavish support for Obama, A Slobbering Love Affair highlights how the mainstream media has not only surrendered its integrity and objectivity but could even endanger our democracy.

What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception by Scott McClellan - In this refreshingly clear-eyed book, McClellan provides his unique perspective on what happened and why it happened the way it did, including the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, and two hotly contested presidential campaigns.

The Promise: President Obama, Year One by Jonathan Alter - This brilliant blend of journalism and history offers the freshest reporting and most acute perspective on the biggest story of our time. It will shape impressions of the Obama presidency and of the man himself for years to come.

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin - As provocative, well-reasoned, robust, and informed as his on-air commentary, Levin's narrative will galvanize listeners to begin a new era in conservative thinking and action. "Liberty and Tyranny" provides a philosophical, historical, and practical framework for revitalizing the conservative vision and ensuring the preservation of American society.

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