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Revisionist History Podcast by Malcolm Gladwell

Revisionist History Podcast

by Malcolm Gladwell

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One of the top podcasts on iTunes is Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History Podcast, and not without good reason! Journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell is known for his bestselling books Blink, The Tipping Point, and Outliers: The Story of Success. Now he brings his unique perspective to overlooked historical events in this new podcast. He takes seemingly minor historical events and expounds upon them, as he suggests that these events signify great trends in the world of psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, politics, and more. For example, he examines when Wilt Chamberlain changed to shooting free throws underhand (which greatly improved his free throw shooting percentage) and then why he inexplicably went back to shooting free throws "normally" even though his percentage of making free throws dropped off. He looks at a British female painter from the 19th century, and suggests that opening doors in society for one woman might not necessarily pave the way for gender equality. He studies the efforts of three individuals from the RAND Corporation who attempted to understand the enemy in the Vietnam War, and why they came to vastly different conclusions from the same intelligence. You'll also want to listen to the episode on "The Satire Paradox", in which Gladwell suggests that while satire might speak truth to power, it actually might not accomplish much by exposing certain hard truths. Right now there are seven podcast episodes on the feed and they are all more interesting than they might initially appear. Gladwell intersperse the podcasts with interviews, historical audio, and music for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. Subscribe to this one!

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