Visualization for Shyness by Patrick Fanning

Visualization for Shyness

by Patrick Fanning

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1 Hr.


This audiobook can help you overcome shyness in social situations, handle criticism, and deal with difficult people.

The first part gives you all the information you need to prepare for the actual visualization exercises: How your interior monologue makes you shy, exposing the hidden advantages of being shy, the secrets of confident body language, and expressing yourself with "I" messages. The second part takes you through an eyes-closed visualization exercise. First you visualize a scene from your own life in which you felt shy. You explore the meaning your shyness has for you, what you say to yourself about being shy, and any benefits you may be enjoying from your shyness. Next you visualize the same scene, changing your posture, your self-talk, and your statements to a more outgoing and assertive style. Finally, you create an "inner coach" to help you when you feel shy in the future.

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