Audio Book Download Site

Audio Book Download Site

A Brand New Downloads Section

We're very proud to announce a brand spanking new downloads section at LearnOutLoud.com. We've been adding downloads to our site for a while now but with 10,000+ titles on the site they tend to get lost in the shuffle. To help you easily find downloadable titles we've broken them out into their own section. We've got 100+ titles already available and are adding more for you just about everyday. Here are some of the things that we think you'll like about these titles:

100% compatible with all MP3 players - One of the biggest pains with audio downloads these days is not knowing whether they will be compatible with your MP3 player. The good news is that all of our downloads are compatible with your MP3 player (including the Apple iPod). No more worrying about whether your player will be able to play the content you are purchasing.

Really good quality content - We're being pretty selective about the titles we're making available in our Downloads section. While we can't guarantee you'll love every title in the section we feel pretty confident that you'll find a lot of stuff to enjoy. Check out titles from authors like Brian Tracy, Dan Millman and Tony Allesandra and from publishers like Agora (classical and Greek philosophy), Gildan Media (self development) and Speechworks (historical speeches).

Bookmarkable files - If you've got an iPod you're in luck because most of our titles (typically those over an hour in length) are available as MPEG-4 files. The cool thing about this is that those files are bookmarkable which means you can listen to a little bit of a book, stop and go listen to something else and when you come back you'll pick up right where you left off. It's pretty helpful for the majority of us who don't listen to an entire audiobook in one setting.

Our downloads section is just getting going and we're going to be adding hundreds of new titles to the section in the coming weeks. We encourage you to check it out and stop back frequently. And if you've got any suggestions for titles you would like to see us add just drop us a line at suggestions@learnoutloud.com and we promise you that we'll try our hardest to get them added. We hope you enjoy these downloads and that they provide you with education and inspiration anywhere you may be.

LearnOutLoud.com Downloads Section

The Top 10 People Who Should Be Podcasting

Who would you love to hear podcast? We have our list and we thought we would share it with the world. There are some names on there that you might expect (Tom Peters and Seth Godin probably), some you probably wouldn't have (Margaret Cho and Bill Clinton maybe) and probably a couple you may never even have heard of (Jason Calacanis and Andrew Sullivan perhaps). It's our wish list of the people we'd love to have on our MP3 player with us each week. Check it out here:

The Top 10 People Who Should Be Podcasting

Did we miss someone? Is there someone on that list who should not be podcasting?! Tell us what you think in our community forums.

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New Downloads

A few new titles available in our new Downloads Section:

21 Great Ways to Live to Be 100 by Brian Tracy
All the Wealth You Want by Jim Donovan
Fascinating Walt Disney by Stephen Schochet
Release Back Pain by Trish Dennison

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