Motivational Speakers on the 50 Best Free Audio Resources

Motivational Speakers on the 50 Best Free Audio Resources

Top 50 Free Motivational Resources

Happy New Year! Time to reflect on what we accomplished in the last year and to start setting and achieving our goals in 2010! To give you a boost for the start of 2010, we thought we'd showcase the top 50 free motivational audio & video learning resources that we have featured on our site. For the past four years we've featured a Monday Morning Motivation email every week as part of our Free Resource of the Day Emails. From these resources we've selected the top 50 free motivational audio & video resources. You can check them all out by clicking the link below:

Top 50 Free Motivational Resources

Here are the top 10 great free motivational resources that we've featured in the past year:

1. 1993 ESPY Award Address

Listen to this truly inspiring address by legendary American college basketball coach Jimmy Valvano, delivered just a few months before he died of cancer. Valvano encourages us to laugh, think, and cry everyday and to never give up which is the motto of The V Foundation which he established as a charitable organization dedicated to saving lives by helping to find a cure for cancer. This 13-minute speech is available on streaming video through YouTube and MP3 Download through American Rhetoric.

2. 21 Meditation Exercises from Sounds True

Learn how to meditate! Our good friends at the publisher Sounds True recently launched a section of their site which is their Guide to Meditation, designed for people who have heard about meditation but don't know where to begin. The site features 21 free streaming audio meditations from many of Sounds True's best teachers including Shinzen Young, Adyashanti, Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron, and more.

3. Time Management

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch is best known for his talk "The Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" which he gave while he had terminal cancer about a year before he passed away on July 25, 2008. After that lecture he gave another great lecture at the University of Virginia in November 2007 on "Time Management". Pausch clearly learned from the best when it came to time management and in this hour long talk he packs in advice on time management for almost every area of your life such as prioritizing tasks, managing meetings & phone calls, delegating assignments, dealing with email, and also taking time to say thank you. He ends the lecture with a poignant reminder that the more efficient you are the more you can spend time with the ones you love because some day you might wake up and find out you don't have much time left.

4. AM Focus

Listen to this 13-minute visualization & relaxation process for focusing in the morning from Dr. Patrick Porter. Dr. Porter guides you through positive affirmations for your day. Combined with soothing music, this audio program is a great way to begin your week. This free audio download was published through our TeachOutLoud service and is available on MP3 download through LearnOutLoud.com.

5. Inside Out Weight Loss Podcast

Listen to this podcast from Personal Life Media hosted by leading diet and weight-loss coach Renee Stephens. Renee features dozens of podcasts on her feed and she encourages listeners to start with the first podcast which covers her personal story of how she overcame compulsive overeating along with the methods of weight loss she'll be using in the podcast. Instead of focusing on a diet plan or what you should or shouldn't be eating or doing, Renee focuses on transforming the mind so that you can in turn transform your body. Using techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and Positive Psychology, Renee teaches listeners how to lose weight from the "inside out".

6. Do What You Fear & Grow Stronger

Download this free 13-minute podcast by Project Management trainer & author Michael Greer. In this podcast Michael Greer begins with some quotes on overcoming fear and the importance of facing your fears. He tells a personal story of how he went from singing in the shower to singing for a rock band as a teenager, and the various steps he took to overcoming his fear of singing in front of a crowd. He also relates these methods of tackling fear to leadership & management and the ways leaders can encourage their teams to overcome fear.

7. Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight

In this moving talk delivered at the TED conference, brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor provides a first-person account of her own stroke and the experience of losing control of her bodily functions as well the functions of the left side of her brain. Instead of it being a painful or frightening experience, she said the stroke put her in a intense state of bliss and nirvana. Sharing this experience became her motivation for recovery. This talk is available on streaming video and MP3 download from the TED.com website.

8. The Soul in Depression

This free audio title provides hopeful words of encouragement for all those who've suffered from or are coping with depression. Listen to this podcast from American Public Media's Speaking of Faith program. Nearly ten million Americans are diagnosed with clinical depression, and if you have experienced depression or know someone who has then this audio program is a helpful resource covering the spiritual side of depression. In this podcast host Krista Tippett interviews author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression Andrew Solomon, Quaker author & activist Parker Palmer, and poet Anita Barrows about their experiences with depression. Each author discusses some of the life-affirming, spiritual qualities that can come from someone who has survived a bout of depression. This podcast is available on MP3 download and streaming audio from the Speaking of Faith website.

9. The Chopra Center for Wellbeing Podcast

From the The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California comes this podcast featuring a number of high quality meditations. The podcast of guided meditations is typically hosted by davidji, the master Chopra Center educator. He leads meditations complete with soothing sounds and music. In one podcast Deepak Chopra leads a Global Peace Meditation and Lecture. Listen to these soothing podcasts from The Chopra Center.

10. Monday Again?!: Four Essentials For A Healthy Lifestyle

Start your week with this free audio book titled Monday Again?!: Four Essentials For A Healthy Lifestyle by Marquese Martin-Hayes. In the 1-hour book Marquese lays out strategies to use thinking in order to change our perspective on Mondays and on everyday. Marquese published this titles through our TeachOutLoud service. It's a very good listen.

Enjoy these freebies to get the year started and we hope you'll join us this year as we motivate you to learn and grow towards your full potential!

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