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Develop Your Intuition Exercises on Free Audio


Free Resource - March 18th, 2010
Today's Free Resource

23 Intuitive Development Exercises from Sounds True

Listen to 23 Intuitive Development Exercises from Sounds True. In these exercises you'll hear teachers such as Judith Orloff, Caroline Myss, Cyndi Dale, Laura Alden Kamm, and many more. These teachers cover what intuition is and how you can further develop it. Here are the 23 exercises:

Healing and Intuition

* 1. What Is Intuition?
* 2. Becoming an Intuitive Healer
* 3. Three Levels of Intuition
* 4. Awakening Second Sight
* 5. Matrix Energetics
* 6. Intuition and the Body
* 7. Your Natural Intuition
* 8. Color Intuition

Chakras, Dreams, and Intuition

* 9. The Sixth Chakra
* 10. Intuition, Chakras, and Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
* 11. Lucid Dreaming
* 12. Conscious Dreaming
* 13. Tibetan Dream Yoga
* 14. Discovering Your Archetypes
* 15. Purify and Balance
* 16. Chakras and the Planes of Light

Divination, Past Lives, and Shamanism

* 17. Becoming an Oracle
* 18. Remote Viewing
* 19. Healing Your Past Lives
* 20. Determine Your Soul Type
* 21. Shamanic Journeying
* 22. Shamanic Shapeshifting
* 23. Read the Akashic Records

Note: These exercises are streaming audio only and not downloadable.

23 Intuitive Development Exercises from Sounds True

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