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This section features all of the Science free audio & video learning resources we've featured in our "Free Resource of the Day Emails" over the past many years with reviews of all of our favorite free resources.

In addition to our bi-weekly E-Magazine, LearnOutLoud.com also sends out our "Free Resource of the Day Email" which features one free audio or video learning title that we've added to our site. You can receive our "Free Resource of the Day Email" by entering your Email address into the box on the right, clicking Subscribe, and then checking the "Free Resource of the Day E-mail" check box in the pop up. This email is sent out Monday through Friday and is a great way to discover new audio & video educational content. You'll be informed of audio books, lectures, speeches, sermons, interviews, and much more all which you can listen to or watch for FREE! Below is a sampling of some of the free resources we have offered in the past through our Free Resource of the Day Email.

Podcast from the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge

Steven Johnson on The Ghost Map

Free Lecture on What is a Star?

History of Genetics Lecture

How Cancer Starts Video

Douglas Adams Last Lecture

Robert Sapolsky Lecture on the Uniqueness of Humans

Audio Lecture on the Facts of Dinosaurs

Richard Dawkins TED Lecture on Our Strange Universe

Life of Charles Darwin Lecture

Al Gore Speech on Global Warming

Brief History of Global Warming Lecture

Lecture Describing Earth's Location in the Universe

Human Anatomy Free Audio Lecture

Neil deGrasse Tyson Lecture on Pluto

Sound Medicine Podcast

CBC Quirks and Quarks Podcast

Charles Darwin and Religion

Video Interview of Biologist Edward O. Wilson

Aubrey de Grey Wants Us to Live Forever

Leonard Susskind Lecture on the Cosmic Landscape

How to Be Forever Young

Human Cloning Pros & Cons

Albert Einstein on God

James Randi Videos

Arthur C. Clarke's Final Message to Earth

Jane Goodall Interview on Video

David Bohm on Krishnamurti

SETI Radio Podcast

Intelligent Design Debate

Mysterious Universe Podcast

Republican War on Science

Science Friday Podcasts

UC San Diego Free Courses