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January 27, 2009

Best of TeachOutLoud


Our TeachOutLoud service has enabled authors and publishers to publish their audio learning content for years now. Since we launched this service over 2500 titles have been published on audio download and podcast. We've now put together this list of the best TeachOutLoud titles that we've featured in our newsletters over the past years and we'll continue to add to this list. You can browse all of our TeachOutLoud offerings here:


Here's our list of the best of the best:

Practical Mental Influence by William Atkinson

Thought Vibration - The Law of Attraction by William Atkinson

The Green Book by Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi - First published in 1975 this short book laid out the political philosophy of Gaddafi and was "intended to be required reading for all Libyans"; offered by FreshBeat Audio, the latest imprint of CoolBeat Audiobooks

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Internet Marketers by Annette T. Thomas - for more info visit www.seomarketingmedia.net

Conscious Kernels Audio Books - Specializing in Science of Mind, New Thought, Religious Science and Metaphysical subjects with titles like:
Building a Prosperity Consciousness
Meditation for Mental Manifesting
The Four Pillars of Life

Train Your Brain to Stop Overeating by Damien Young, Cht,Cpt,Spn and you can check out the introduction for free here: Instinctive Weight Loss System - The Introduction

Don't Waste Money on Google AdWords: Learn to Think Like a Search Engine and Make Money with Google AdWords by Christopher Prince

Financial Mistakes of New College Grads by Joe Templin

Three Titles from a New Audio Book Publisher: Open Book Audio Including:
The Blind Visionary by Virginia Jacko & Doug Eadie
Financial Mistakes of New College Grads by Joe Templin
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

To find out more about his new publisher check out The Open Book Audio Podcast.

The Psychology of a Winner by Paul Robinson

Four Audio Books about Adoption by Mardie Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption

Three Audio Books and a Free Podcast from The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation

Japanese Reader Shitakiri Suzume the Cut-Tongue Sparrow - Read, Listen, and Learn Japanese!

Two Cheap Meditations by Dr. Gina Henderson: Celestial Experiences: 15-Minute Guided Meditation and Rest Easy Meditations

Ananda: Live in Bliss - Meditations for all Purposes by the popular TeachOutLoud author Pramod Uday

Half Dozen New Titles by Raj Gavurla author of Winning at Entrepreneurship

Three Nutrition and Medicine Titles from Australia's LP Distribution:
Bovine Colostrum
Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Your Health

A Dozen Astrology Downloads by internationally-respected astrologer Lauren Delsack

Easy Russian for English Speakers by Max Bollinger - Results Focused Audio Training; Learn to Meet, Greet, Do Business in Russian; Make Friends, Dates and Discover The Mysterious Russian Soul

16 Kids' Audio Stories on MP3 Audio Download from the One To Grow On! Children's Audio Series by Trenna Daniells

Six Christian Living & Growth Downloads from Foundation Rock Ministries with Dr. John and Pastor Karen Mastrogiovanni

Six Audio Downloads by Elizabeth Stanfill (With Two Free Downloads) - Creator of DestressYourself.com and expert in Critical Incident Stress Management, General Stress Management, and Overcoming Burnout Including:
Releasing Worry
How To Destress Yourself

A Way To Personal Happiness by Ronni Bar

Nine Affordable Downloads from The Faeries and Angels Radio Network

Secret Jobbers Success Seminar by Khalilah Murarsheed

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration by Michael Sampson - Using Microsoft SharePoint to Enhance Collaboration

Monkey Madness Prevention: Taming Stress Forever by Dr. William Carlyon & Todd Dunlap - A self-improvement book delivered like a variety show, musical and comedy revue all rolled into one

Over 25 Short, Affordable Health Audio Book Downloads by online health author and editor Jim Lowrance

Open Road Adventures offering four self-guided audio driving tours throughout Minnesota on audio download

Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy
by Greg Dean - A 7-hour truly comprehensive guide to Stand-Up Comedy from the man who has the longest running stand-up comedy school in America

Downloads from HGRB Services which is a national home services agency specializing in free online consultation of and a series of audio works and other important information for American homeowners and homerenters on home improvement issues

Imagery Training Package by Michael Blackburn - set of nine MP3s contains practice exercises to help you develop all aspects of your imagery and visualization skills

Over 100 History Lectures by Professor Eugene Lieber - Covering everything from the Ancient World to 20th Century History including Numerous Aspects of American, European, & World History

The Job Seeker's Confidence Kit by Susan Bernstein, MBA PhD

Book Writing for Fun and Profit & The Book Author's Copyright Protection by Brian Scott - BOTH FREE

The Little Trilogy - Stories by Anton Chekhov: The Man in a Case, Gooseberries and About Love Narrated by Alan Davis Drake

Prospering in a Changing Market by David Knox

9 Downloads by Ian Watson, a facilitator of self-healing and personal transformation, including his Inner Work Series

B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation: The Relaxing Way to Stay Calm and Tranquil During Pregnancy by Sinead Hoben

15 Downloads by Authenticity Coach Wendy Franklin Muhammad

Download 5 National Park Audio Tours by Travel Audios including Yellowstone National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, & Grand Canyon National Park

Spiritual Audio Downloads by Natasha Dern, host of the Buddha Lounge Radio Show

Free Motivational Audio Book: Monday Again?! by Marquese Martin-Hayes (which has been download over 900 times now!)

The Force Field Podcast and The Force Field Premium Edition Vol. 1 IT Service Industry Podcasts by Rick Savoia

Kirk E. Hillman Audio on Christian Living

Life of Lincoln by John Hugh Bowers & The Call to Shakabaz by Amy Wachspress - both published by Legacy Audio Books, Inc.

10 FREE Audio Downloads by Evangelist Ron Mitchell - Covering numerous aspects of Christian living.

Global Illumination Council w/ Dr. Bernard Alvarez - Featuring numerous spirituality titles.

Think Spanish Magazine & Think French Magazine - New Issues of this Spanish language learning digital magazine with MP3 download to increase Spanish fluency, improve grammar and listening comprehension, and build useful vocabulary.

Download mp3cityguides - Walking Tour of Europe's most beautiful cities

Mark Twain Audio Downloads from Rambler Audio Narrated by Richard Henzel, who, as Mark Twain, has given over a thousand performances during the last forty years in America, Canada, and Great Britain.

Numerous New Audio Books Published by Wetware Media including: Snap Out of it NOW! by Adrianne Ahern, PhD, Seeds for the Soul by Chuck Hillig, and One Less Bitter Actor by Markus Flanagan.

Mindful Solutions for Success and Stress Reduction at Work by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

Audio Books by Mike Vendetti including free downloads of classics like The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Bass Reeves, American Hero by Barry Brierley

Free Business Law Lectures by Prof. Jay Garrett with Texas A & M University - Commerce

The Remarkable Life of Kitty McInerney: How a Poor Irish Immigrant Raised 17 Children in Great Depression New York by Christopher Prince

What You Don't Know Will Hurt Your Business by Andrew Colins

25 Free Excerpts from The Laugh Makers: A Behind-The-Scenes Tribute To Bob Hope's Incredible Gag Writers by Robert L. Mills

Mastery In Negotiation Tactics by Paul Robinson

New Audio Books Published by Treasure House Publishing Including Armed & Amorous, Detox, Get Rid of Warts, Moles & Skin Tags The Natural Way, and Your Marriage: Steps Toward Healing

Downloads of G. A. Henty Audio Books, Historical Storyteller for Boys

Selling Your Valuables in Tough Times: A Yankee Auctioneer's Best Secrets by Walt Kolenda (Only $4.99)

Words to Live By by Motivated Mindset Coach Denise J. Hart with 3 free downloads!

Digital Bits Skeptic Podcast

New Moms, New Babies Podcast

SyberWorks e-Learning Series Podcast

Getting Good at Life with Dr. Carolyn Podcast

Ten Language Learning Podcasts from LingQ.com

Sales Management 2.0 Podcast

2 Minute Tips for Parenting Teens Podcast

5 Video Podcasts from VideoMathTutor.com

Hispanic Marketing 101 Podcast

New Downloads from Core Media Productions - Including Joint Venture Marketing and 30-Day, Step-By-Step, Plan to Internet Riches!.

Wetware Media - Audio for thirsty minds including new titles RealTime Speaking: YOU Are the Message! & To The Questions in Your Life, You Are the Only Answer (FREE!).

15 FREE Audio Downloads by Michael Greer - Including numerous inspirational and motivational titles.

10 FREE Audio Downloads by Evangelist Ron Mitchell - Covering numerous aspects of Christian living.

Global Illumination Council w/ Dr. Bernard Alvarez - Featuring numerous spirituality titles.

Think Spanish Magazine & Think French Magazine - New Issues of this Spanish language learning digital magazine with MP3 download to increase Spanish fluency, improve grammar and listening comprehension, and build useful vocabulary.

Boost Your Power of Attraction, Discovering and Embodying Your Life's Purpose, and Stress Less, Produce More - Self help titles from author & speaker Steve Sisgold.

Jesse Berg & Steven Schneider Hypnosis Audio - 6 Hypnosis Downloads by Certified Hypnotherapists at Team Success International.

Nuts & Bolts Spirituality & The New Fundamentalists - Audio Book and Free Download by award-winning author and international speaker Richard Blackstone.

Professional Speaker & Author Raj Gavurla - Featuring His Winning at Entrepreneurship Audio Book along with FREE downloads like Destroy Your Self-Defeating Voice & Your Neuroplasticity Mindset

Nationally Acclaimed Speaker John Santangelo - Featuring Titles such as NLP Introduction 101, Harmony In Hypnosis, & Developing Emotional Power (Free Download).

Wiccan Journeys by Cheree Porter - Creative visualizations based on the thought that it is important to raise children with an understanding of the Wiccan Rede, as well as a strong moral compass.

How to Negotiate in Tough Situations by David Knox

Hunting & the Bible by Dr. Tom Rakow

You're Empowered!: Parenting Teens with Conviction, Communication, and Love by Sue Blaney

30 Wasted Years: A Journey in Self Motivation (Free Download) by Jeff Grundy

Golf State of Mind by David MacKenzie which focuses on the mental game of golf to consistently play the golf you are capable of.

Drg Drishya Viveka - "One of the most succinct spiritual guide books ever written", translated and read by Norman Daw.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau for $7.99.

Aristotle's Poetics: A New Translation

Over 20 Creative Visualization & Relaxation Titles by Patrick Porter, Ph.D.:

AM Focus for Free!

PM Dreamtime Session for Free!

Accelerated Learning Series

Stress Reduction Series

Four Titles Including an Audio Podcast and a Video Podcast from Alaska In My Dreams Film Studio, Inc. including:

In The Time That Was: Being Legends of the Alaska Klingats

Sourdough In A Snowdrift Video Podcast

White-Knuckling It for 4,000 Miles

Three Full Cast Children's Audio Titles from DARIAN Entertainment including:

REMIXED: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

REMIXED: The Greatest Bible Stores Ever Told! Volume One

REMIXED: The Greatest Bible Stores Ever Told! Volume Two

Destroy Your Self-Defeating Voice by Raj Gavurla for Free!

Emotionally Balanced Parenting by Laura Doerflinger

The Instinctive Weight Loss System by Damien Young, Cht,Cpt,Spn

A Date With Your Destiny or The Law of Attraction by Paul Robinson

Being Refined in 2009 and 4 Other Titles by Evangelist Ron Mitchell

Healthy Organizations, Profitable Enterprises by Dr. Lisa M. S. Barrow

Mindful Solutions for Addiction and Relapse Prevention by Stefanie Goldstein, Ph.D. & Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

The Call to Shakabaz by Amy Wachspress

Affirmation Quik Start by Rochelle Smith

Ian Mitroff on Crisis Management by Russ Volckmann interviewing Ian Mitroff

My Little Books - DEEP RELAXATION - Love by David Carnelian

7 Secrets to Successful Customer Relationships by Michael Jenkins

Giddio Audio Adventures For Kids including:

Billy Brown And The Mystery Package for Free!

Billy Brown And The Frog Tunnel

Billy Brown Goes Hiking

Over 30 Titles from Law of Attraction teachers Beth and Lee McCain including 20 free podcasts and these titles:

The Law of Attraction for Kids!

Journey with Guided Meditations

Unlocking the Secret to WEIGHT LOSS

A Grateful Life: Living the Law of Attraction

Over 30 Free Titles from Lorman Educational Services including discussions of:

Physicals: Should Physicians Know?

Fairness Between Departments with Different Standards

Corporate Code of Ethics

Nine Titles from Life & Relationship Coach Kim Olver including:

Empowerment Parenting

Relationships from the Inside Out

Soundmap London Audio Walks including:

Brick Lane Audio Tour

Brixton Audio Tour

Camden Audio Tour

King's Road Audio Tour

Soho Audio Tour

Sweeney Todd Audio Tour For Free!

25 Audio Titles by Dr. Leslie M. Moore, as she teaches in the areas of yoga and metaphysical studies including 19 free titles.

Career Satisfaction From Within Audio Course: Find And Follow Your True Calling, Or Get More Satisfaction From What You Do by Christopher Edgar

Seven-Step Spiritual Mind Treatment: Scientific Prayer, Affirmative Prayer, Effective Prayer by Tina Montalto

From Tragedy to Triumph: Winning Through a Life Crisis by Mary Jaksch

How To Become A Wine Connoisseur or Wine - The Basics by Paul Green

The Science Of Being Great by Wallace Wattles; special edition put together by Michele Blood

Song of the Sage: A Musical-Wisdom Experience by Dan Millman and Asoma

Have Your Way: Getting The Job You Want by Theo Stegers

The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling: Leverage the Law of Attraction with the Written Word by Jeannette Maw

The Mommy Mastermind in the Kitchen: Time & Money-Saving Tips for Moms

The Risk of Creativity: Dialogues in Amsterdam with Steven Harrison

Grief and Loss Recovery by Dr. Maurice Turmel

Self Help Audiobooks from Core Media Productions:

The Science Of Being Well by Wallace D. Wattles

How To Use Your Mind

Unleash The Book Within

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

Gardening Secrets

Jewish History by Rabbi and Historian Berel Wein:

The Six Day War

The Kosher Pioneer

Thomas Jefferson: Champion of the Jews

Three Free Titles from Success Coach Steve Chandler:



The Owner/Victim Choice

And Steve Chandler's Comprehensive Course:

MindShift: The Steve Chandler Ultimate Success Course

New Audio Programs from Reiki Master/Teacher Zach Keyer:

What To Do, Wilderness Survival Tips

How To Protect Your Home and Family

The Truth About Getting Government Grants

Lectures from Dr. David Neiman, Rabbi, Archaeologist, and Renowned scholar in the fields of Biblical Studies, Jewish History, and the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jews:

The Epic of Gilgamesh

History of the Talmud

Early Church and The Jews

Be Proud To Be An American by Bryan Golden

High Velocity Leadership: Never Fry Bacon In The Nude by Stone Payton

Crazy for Me: How I Got Over Bipolar Disorder & Other Life Stuff by Wambui Bahati

Searching for Spirit: Searching for Truth about Mind and Morality by Chris Lind

The Dead by James Joyce

Mindful Solutions for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

Alice in Wonderland - From the Oxford Storypods narrated by a lively Cast of actors.

Guided Meditations from Leena Patel - Downloadable meditations infused with Buddhist philosophy, Yoga, and other spiritual practices.

45 Educational Downloads from Reiki Master/Teacher Zach Keyer - Guides to camping, pet training, instrument playing, Internet money making, online dating, NLP, gardening, public speaking, and much, much more.

Think Spanish Magazine - Spanish language learning digital magazine with MP3 download to increase Spanish fluency, improve grammar and listening comprehension, and build useful vocabulary.

Dare to Live Without Limits and The Power of Attraction - Free inspirational downloads from author and motivational speaker Bryan Golden.

Boost Your Power of Attraction, Discovering and Embodying Your Life's Purpose, and Stress Less, Produce More - Self help titles from author & speaker Steve Sisgold.

Book Writing for Fun and Profit - Completely free 2-hour audio book with tips and techniques for writing and profiting from your own book.

-5 Audio Courses from Dr. Know, Inc. covering the United States Medical Licensing Examination and the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination

-Free New Testament Books of the Bible with accompanying music to engage teens and kids

-Money For Life: A Personal Budgeting Course

-Free Hindi Scriptures including a 4-Part Audio Book of the Krishna Leela and a 6-Part Audio Book Valmiki Ramayana narrated by Prati Dhwani

-Spiritual and Personal Growth Titles from Dr. Maurice Turmel including 2 free downloads

-Free Personal Finance Audio from the Northern Trust Corporation

-Over 25 Instructional Audios from Reiki Master/Teacher/Author Zach Keyer

-Teachings from Benedictine monk Fr. John Main including The Essential Teachings and The Last Conferences, as well as Christian meditation talks from Fr. Laurence Freeman published by Medio Media on behalf of The World Community for Christian Meditation.

-Many more audio books from Reiki Master/Teacher Zach Keyer including NLP For Beginners, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Your Success and Time Management Made Easy - Tactics and Truths

-Numerous teachings from Rabbi Nathan Glick including 4 free downloads.

-Talks by dream & relationship expert Strephon Kaplan-Williams for $1.00 and $2.00.

-Life On Purpose: 6 Passages to an Inspired Life by W. Bradford Swift. Have you clarified your life's purpose?

-Sales success programs from Al Argo, including a free title The Think Thank Tank.

-Over 40 lectures on Kabbalah, consciousness and inner power and fulfillment from educator and ontological coach Jonti Mayer.

-And dozens of new lectures from Sherwin T. Wine at the Center For New Thinking, including talks on Mao Zedong, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Lenin, and Maximilien Robespierre.

-The Believer's Guide To The Law of Attraction by Jerry Thompson is a blend of scripture, quantum physics, and universal law.

-United Hypnotherapy is a publisher of self help related audio and training material related to hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and subliminal audio with titles such as Stop Smoking Effortlessly, Journey to Sleep, and Law of Attraction - Attracting Money.

-Last but not least the self help pamphlet It Works by R.H. Jarrett being offered at the modest price of $1.00. This little pamphlet published through TeachOutLoud is now our #1 bestseller!

Advantage Business Partnership - Self development guides to Time Management, Alternative Medicine, Healthier Eating, and more.

Albert Anderson on Human Nature & World Community - Free downloads on philosophical topics delivered by Philosophy Professor Albert Anderson

The Slender Path - Self-published audio book by Sara LeVere exploring the law of attraction.

The Shepherds' Prayer by Richard Barry

Over 60 Educational Lectures from the Center For New Thinking

Health & Fitness Titles by Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS

Michele Blood's Motivational Audio

Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment by Jed McKenna

Introduction to Your Mind (Two free guided meditations)

And we could go on and on with the fascinating stuff that has been published. Now it's time to publish your audio book!

It's free to publish, and if you publish something inspired or intelligent you may even be able to help a lot of people out while making an extra stream of income. Many of our TeachOutLoud titles are among our bestsellers! Many of our Top 100 Sellers have been published through TeachOutLoud!

If you don't have anything to teach at this time, then narrate and record something from the public domain on Gutenberg.org and sell it or offer it for free through TeachOutLoud. To Learn More about publishing through TeachOutLoud click here.