April 21, 2005

Conversations with Neale


Just finished a Neale Donald Walsch Page for you all to enjoy. This is the guy that wrote one of my mother’s favorites “Conversations With God“. Real inspiring story if there ever was one. Here is a guy that is as successful as anyone has a right to be and then comes crashing down hard. I mean hard: we’re talking a car crash that breaks his neck, a fire that destroys all his posessions and a divorce from his fourth wife, all of which happens within a year. Then to top it off he has to be homeless for the better part of a year. Whoa. So what does he do? He writes a note to none other than God, sends it off and gets a reply. Or so he says. I should probably listen to what he has to say before I make a conclusion on his work. Regardless, he’s pulled himself out of that incredible hole and is now quite rich. Not that you’d catch him saying it mattered. Interesting stuff…