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May 19, 2005

A Fresh View of the Catholic Church has Emerged


I wanted to make mention of a podcaster that I recently got the chance to finally hear. As we all now, the new Star Wars movie is obliterating the minds of every male born between 1965 and 1981 (my guesstimate of the "star wars generation"). I was listening to the Daily Source Code today and there was a blurb for a one Roderick Vonhögen, catholic priest and collossal Star Wars fan. I remember Roderick the most from his old website The Virtual Edition which tried to create Episode One wholly from spoiler information leaked on to the net. It was a fun site back in 98 and its good to see how this guy's use of the internet has morphed. Now he's a full blown priest and an accessible entry point into the world of catholicism. I've listened to a few podcasts and this guy's attitude and enjoyment of what he talks about, whether it be Episode III or Benedict XVI, is what I like the most about him. Seriously, the Vatican could use this guy for their PR Machine, he'll turn all the bad press they've been getting around in no time. He may repeat himself alot during his podcasts, he may even be annoying to some listeners, but I truly think he is probably the first real podcast celebrity besides Adam Curry. He's been so popular that the vatican radio is now doing a podcast thanks to his efforts and you can probably expect more innovations to from this young priest. Give him a listen, it would take a real cynic to not acknowledge that this guy has a ton of heart.