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May 11, 2005

New Topics at LOL

Are you in the position to start looking for a new house? Do you want to start renting out apartments? Well, I can't even begin to fathom such decisions personally, but if you are finding yourself financially flush, you might want to think about investing in something worthwhile. Real Estate seems to be a real safe bet these days and we here at LOL HQ decided to give everyone the leg up with our Real Estate Topic Page. The Topic Pages are sort of like articles designed as a guide to whats available on audio for a given topic of general interest. We're starting to think up new topics to write about for your listening pleasure and we're open to requests. Do you have a hobby or topic that you want to know more about on audio or video? Let us do the research man. We're happy to help and besides, we learn a ton when we make them. So yeah, tell us what you think of these topic pages. There's only two so far but we're going to be bringing in alot more this month. You'll like what we've got cooking here, believe me.