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September 12, 2005

Dead Time Learning


I was listening to the Marketing Online Podcast today and heard the hosts use a great term: Dead Time Learning. Dead Time Learning refers to time that you have where you're not really doing anything else and you could be learning. Commuting is probably the #1 opportunity for Dead Time Learning that most of us have. Exercising is another great time. You can even be a Dead Time Learner when you're doing chores around your house, brushing your teeth, making dinner, etc.

My guess is that most of us probably have at least two and probably more like three or four hours each day of Dead Time Learning time. For instance, my morning thus far has consisted of the following:

-1 1/2 hours spent in traffic after dropping my friend off at his hotel (gotta love LA traffic). My Dead Time Learning? Dan Millman's audio course The Path of Self Discovery.

-An 8 mile jog on the beach. My Dead Time Learning? The Marketing Online Podcast (where I learned the term "Dead Time Learning"!), The Diggnation Podcast (love those guys!) and a couple of podcasts from Podtech.net.

3 hours worth of Dead Time Learning and it isn't even noon yet!

Now it's your turn. During your Dead Time Learning time today what will you be Learning Out Loud?