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October 10, 2005

Integral Naked


David did a great job of highlighting some good sites for MP3 downloads of great authors and teachers a couple of days ago. I'll add one more to the mix: Integral Naked. It's an interesting collection of audio and video self-development material with interviews with such luminaries as Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins.

In Integral's own words:

Integral Naked is a multimedia doorway to the world of integral awareness. Conversations, performances, live events—all involving the most influential, provocative, and important thinkers and leaders in the world. Often these are moderated by Ken Wilber, considered the most influential integral theorist today, and his colleagues at Integral Institute.

It's a $10 monthly subscription which is pretty cheap considering the wealth of material. I was a bit bummed that most of it is video rather than audio (more on that later...) but it's still a pretty cool collection of content. I listened to a couple of interviews that Ken did with Tony Robbins today and was pretty impressed by what I heard.

Definitely go check it out as you'll have some more good stuff to stick into your iPod.

(Kudos to my buddy Bri for the tip on this one.)