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May 5, 2006

WIE Unbound and the Webby Awards

It's been a while since I've blogged about WIE Unbound, the audio and video service from the good people over at What is Enlightenment? magazine. It's a great service that features interviews with leading thinkers like Deepak Chopra, Andrew Cohen (whose new Meditation title is available for download from LearnOutLoud here), Jon Kabat-Zinn and many others. $10 a month gets you the whole kit and kaboodle. Definitely a great investment.

I also wanted to encourage fans of What is Enlightment? to vote for them in the upcoming Webby Awards. They're up for a Webby for best Religion and Spirituality web site. Here's the link where you can give them your vote:


Kudos to Laura and the rest of the gang over at WIE for producing a ton of compelling audio and video content for your learning out loud pleasure.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update: Since this blog we've added a number of What is Enlightment? audio programs (now called EnlightenmentNext)

EnlightenmentNext Audio Downloads