November 29, 2013

LearnOutLoud YouTube Playlists

We’ve been adding a lot of videos to YouTube of audio recordings we’ve made in the past. Now we’ve neatly organized them into playlists so you can listen to them according to subject matter.

The first playlist we offered was our “Art History” playlist which covers over 20 of the greatest paintings from the Renaissance to 19th century Art. You can view the paintings and learn about them on this playlist:

Art Masterpieces

We’ve also created a playlist of motivational videos. This is a list of some of the best motivational videos on YouTube pulled from our list of the “Top 100 Free Motivational Speeches, Lectures, & Podcasts”:

Best Motivational Videos

Our next playlist features 10 free audio books published by LearnOutLoud.com. The are full audio books which you can listen to in their entirety:

Free Audio Books

The rest of the playlists are pretty much related to what they are called, and here they are:

Philosophy Classics – Excerpts from classics of Western philosophy.

Greek Gods – Descriptions of all the major Ancient Greek gods.

Spiritual Classics – Excerpts from key texts from a wide range of religious traditions throughout human history.

Great Speeches – Playlist is devoted to the great thinkers, statesman, and other public orators that have graced us throughout history with their words.

Great Poetry – A collection of recorded, classic poems.

Biographies – A collection of brief biographical sketches of notable people throughout history.

Founding Documents of the United States of America – An audio collection of Founding Documents and speeches that trace the origins of the United States of America.

Enjoy these educational YouTube playlists of free videos.