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December 28, 2015

Best Librivox Readings on our YouTube Channel

YouTube de-monetized our channel because of these audio books so we took them all down. Most Librivox audio books you can already find on other YouTube channels.

In the coming months we'll be adding dozens of the best free audio books from the site Librivox onto our LearnOutLoud.com YouTube channel.

Check Out Our YouTube Playlist of the Best Librivox Recordings

We've carefully picked out the best solo narrations from the best volunteer narrators who also have the highest quality recordings of the most popular audio books the site has to offer. We've uploaded each of these audio books unabridged as single YouTube videos. In the descriptions of the videos we've also added the timings of chapters so you can easily skip to the chapter you want to go to. We've also attempted to compress the video files as best we can so you don't eat up too much of your data plan if you're listening on-the-go. Right now we've got about 15 audio books to choose from, but we're going to be adding many more soon! Click the playlist on the embedded video above to see what we've got. And please subscribe to our YouTube channel! We're going to be adding a lot of great content there in the coming year!

Check out & subscribe to the LearnOutLoud.com YouTube channel