September 16, 2017

5 Free Tony Robbins Audio Books on Spotify

You can now listen to five free Tony Robbins audio books through Spotify. These audio programs on CD run $9.99 per program on Tony’s website, but with a Spotify account you can now listen to them all for free. They cover the areas of wealth, time, relationship, career, and goals. We’ll describe each program below. We’ll start with his program The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life Now.

1. The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life Now

In The Edge, self-help legend Tony Robbins describes how he can help anyone listening transform every area of their life where it matters most. Whether it be finding more energy when you wake up in the morning, learning how to respond to negative events & limiting beliefs, improving your finances, or finding your sense of purpose in life, this introductory series delivers a jolt to the system that only Tony can deliver. What’s notable about Robbins’ style is not just his enthusiasm, but his commitment to providing usable tools, modeled upon years of observing the world’s most successful people, that you can use to make your own life a work of art. Get moving, get happy, and get started right here!

2. Time of Your Life

Much more than a time management seminar, Tony Robbins’ Time of Your Life audio program looks deeper into what time really is. Robbins posits that time is emotion, and that we’ve all experienced time flying by as well as time slowed down according to our emotional states. Before we can attempt to manage our time effectively, we need to first decide what to focus on. Once we focus on the specific results we want and the ultimate purpose we are passionate about, Tony teaches how to set forth a massive action plan to achieve our goals and have the time of our lives!

3. Career: Find Your True Gift

In this audio program Tony Robbins points out many things one should consider when they’re looking for a job or a career. The majority of this audio program consists of an interview that Tony conducted with self-help author Stephen R. Covey, who is the author of the mega-bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey gets to the heart of his 7 habits pointing out career & life advice along the way. The advice will hopefully help you find meaning in your own work, no matter what stage of your career you are in.

4. Love and Passion

In this introductory audio program, life coach and self development guru Tony Robbins works through a pragmatic approach to selecting and connecting with your soul mate. As Robbins stresses at the beginning, chemistry is important, but it doesn’t always make for a long-lasting partnership. In the lecture portion of the program, he walks listeners through the elementary ingredients that go into lasting love, including shared goals, playfulness, trust, respect, and perhaps most important, communication.

5. Financial Freedom

In this one hour audio program, Tony Robbins teaches that before we set out to get “rich” we need to define what wealth is for us. While earning lots of money can be beneficial, Tony has seen in his own life and in the lives of successful people that he has coached that being rich isn’t the same as being wealthy if you’re sacrificing other aspects of your life for making money. He points out several different types of wealth including emotional wealth, time, relationships, purpose, and more. Tony argues that only when we’ve achieved wealth in all of these areas can we truly achieve financial freedom.

Please Note: In order to listen to these audio programs you’ll need a free Spotify account. You can listen for free with occasional ads and they also have Spotify software for easier listening on your computer. If you want to listen ad-free and on smart phone and you love music as well, we can’t recommend Spotify Premium highly enough.

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