July 8, 2020

Top 100 Google Talks from the Past Five Years

When top authors go on tour to talk about their latest books, they’ll often stop at a Google office location to deliver a summary of what they’ve written and to answer questions from Google employees. Google has been recording these talks for 15 years now on video and has been putting them on YouTube where they now have over 5,000 talks on their Talks at Google Channel. Also recently they launched the Talks at Google Podcast where you can listen to their newest talks.

Over the years we’ve listened to hundreds of these talks and have added about 500 of the Best Google Talks to LearnOutLoud for you to browse:

500 of the Best Google Talks on LearnOutLoud.com

It’s been about five years since we’ve added any of their talks to our site, so we decided to browse through all of the talks they’ve been offering and pick out the Top 100 Google Talks from the Past Five Years. We’ve selected these based on what talks are most popular, highly rated, and also have the most highly rated and bestselling books associated with them. Below we’ve listed these 100 talks and we’re linking to them directly on YouTube:

Alex Epstein on The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels
Alex Filippenko on Supernovae, Exoplanets, Black Holes
Alex Garland on Ex Machina
Andy Puddicombe on Headspace
Ashlee Vance on Elon Musk
Atul Gawande on Being Mortal
Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tales
Barbara Oakley on Learning How to Learn
Bea Johnson on Zero Waste Home
Bernie Roth on The Achievement Habit
Bill Nye on Undeniable
Brad Gilbert on Winning Ugly
Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths on Algorithms to Live By
Brian Greene on Until the End of Time
Carmine Gallo on Talk Like TED
Carol Dweck on Mindset
Caroline Webb on How to Have a Good Day
Cary Elwes on As You Wish
Cenk Uygur on the Revolution of News
Chris Guillebeau on The Happiness of Pursuit
Chris McDougall on Natural Born Heroes
Chuck Bryant & Josh Clark on Stuff You Should Know
Chuck Klosterman on But What If We’re Wrong
Clayton Christensen on Where Growth Comes From
Dan Ariely on Dating & Relationships
Dan Carlin on The New Golden Age of Oral Historical Storytelling
Dan Lyons on Disrupted
Dan Savage & Esther Perel on Love, Marriage & Monogamy
Daniel Dennett on The Evolution of Minds
Daniel Ellsberg on The Doomsday Machine
Daniel Goleman & Richie Davidson on Altered Traits
Daniel H. Pink on The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
Daniel Levitin on The Organized Mind
David Nihill on Do You Talk Funny?
David Wallace-Wells on The Uninhabitable Earth
Donald Johanson on What Makes Us Human?
Dr. Brant Cortright on The Neurogenesis Diet
Dr. Harry Barry on Flagging Anxiety & Panic
Dr. Helen Fisher on Anatomy of Love
Dr. Jordan Metzl on Running Strong
Dr. Michael Greger on How Not to Die
Emily Fletcher on Ziva Meditation
Felicia Day on You’re Never Weird on the Internet
Francis Chan on How to Get to Heaven from Silicon Valley
Frank Abagnale on Catch Me If You Can
Garry Kasparov on Deep Thinking
George Friedman on The Emerging Crisis in Europe
George Miller on Mad Max: Fury Road
Gloria Steinem on My Life on the Road
Gretchen Rubin on Better than Before
Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt on Getting the Love You Want
Ijeoma Oluo on So You Want to Talk About Race
J.L. Collins on The Simple Path to Wealth
Jack and Suzy Welch on The Real-Life MBA
James Robinson on Why Nations Fail
Jimmy O. Yang on How to American
Joel Greenblatt on The Little Book that Beats the Market
John Cleese on So, Anyway
John Searle on Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence
Jon Ronson on So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
Judith Orloff on The Empath’s Survival Guide
Kristin Neff on The Science of Self-Compassion
Leanne Brown on How to Eat Well on $4 Per Day
Lisa Nichols on Abundance Now
Mark Roberge on The Sales Acceleration Formula
Mary Roach on Grunt
Matt Ridley on The Evolution of Everything
Matthew Vines on God and the Gay Christian
Matthew Walker on Why We Sleep
Max Tegmark on Our Mathematical Universe
Michael Moore on Where to Invade Next
Michael Pollan on How to Change Your Mind
Michio Kaku on The Future of Humanity
My Journey at the Nuclear Brink
N.T. Wright on Simply Good News
Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Skin in the Game
Neil Pasricha on The Happiness Equation
Nicholas Carr on Automation and Us
Nick Offerman on Good Clean Fun
Noam Chomsky at Google in 2017
Paul Mason on PostCapitalism
Pedro Domingos on The Master Algorithm
Penn & Teller on Broadway
Peter Adamson on Philosophy in the Islamic World
Peter Singer on The Most Good You Can Do
Randall Munroe on What If?
Ray Dalio on Principles: Life and Work
Richard Dawkins on Brief Candle in the Dark
Richard Rohr on Divine Dance
Richard Thaler on The Making of Behavioral Economics
Richard Wolff on Democracy at Work
Robert Greene on The Laws of Human Nature
Robert Reich on Preparing the Economy for AI
Robert Thurman on Buddhist Ethics
Ryan Holiday on Ego is the Enemy
Ryan Serhant on Sell It Like Serhant
Sadhguru on Developing an Inclusive Consciousness
Sean Carroll on The Big Picture
Sebastian Junger on Tribe
Shawn Stevenson on Sleep Smarter
Simon Sinek on The Games of Leadership
Sonia Shah on Pandemic
Steven J. Dubner on When to Rob a Bank
Steven Pinker on Enlightenment Now
Steven Pinker on The Sense of Style
Ted Koppel on Lights Out
Thomas L. Friedman on Thank You for Being Late
Tim Ferriss on How to Cage the Monkey Mind
Tim Keller on Making Sense of God
Tim Larkin on When Violence is The Answer
Vanessa Van Edwards on Captivate
William Thorndike on The Outsiders
Yanis Varoufakis on And the Weak Suffer What They Must?
Yuval Harari on Techno-Religions and Silicon Prophets
Yuval Noah Harari on 21 Lessons for the 21st Century