October 20, 2023

Sir Ben Kingsley Narrates World Religions Documentary Series

Watch a 13-part documentary series on the religions of the world narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley on YouTube. Kingsley narrates this series of 45-minute documentaries on the World Religions, with each episode focused on a specific religion. They are well-written and informative introductions to these religions. The series from 1998 was also put out as audio books (which are now out of print), but these documentaries are edited-down versions with visual accompaniment. The interviews and footage from the documentaries aren’t exactly on the level of Ken Burns, but they still provide a nice visual component. Since they’re mostly reliant on Kingsley’s excellent narration, they can just as easily be listened to as watched. Another nice thing about the series is that they cover religions beyond the five major religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. They also cover Confucianism and Taoism, African religions, Native American spirituality, and more. They are legally distributed on YouTube through the channel The Grapevine TV. We link to the full playlist from this page on our site:

Religions of the World Narrated by Ben Kingsley

And here are the 13 episodes in this series of documentaries:

African and African-American Religions

Ancient Religions of the Mediterranean


Confucianism and Taoism




Native American Spirituality

Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity

Protestant Christianity

The Religion of Small Societies


Skepticism and Religious Relativism

Watch a primer on a religion you are familiar with, or learn about a religion that is entirely new to you!

And if you want to check out audio books narrated by Ben Kingsley, you can do so on our narrator page for him:

Audiobooks Narrated by Ben Kingsley