May 19, 2024

Listen to 250 of the Best Public Radio Interviews from Terry Gross and Studs Terkel

Before Joe Rogan or Marc Maron or any of the dozens of popular interview podcasts currently available, there was Terry Gross hosting Fresh Air on National Public Radio. Since 1975, Gross has been interviewing authors, artists, and entertainers about their latest works, along with many other notable people. She’s interviewed thousands of people in the past 50 years, and these interviews have been collected on the Fresh Air Archive Website. We recently went through the entire archive and picked out over 200 interviews from some of her most notable guests to feature on LearnOutLoud.com in our Free Audio & Video Directory. You can browse all the interviews we added here:

Over 200 of The Best of Fresh Air Interviews

And before Terry Gross and Fresh Air, there was veteran radio broadcaster Studs Terkel. Studs had his own public radio program out of WFMT in Chicago from 1952 to 1997. In his one-hour radio show, The Studs Terkel Program, he also interviewed thousands of people, from everyday working people to notable authors, artists, entertainers, and more. In 2016 the Studs Terkel Radio Archive was created, which features the high-quality digitization of more than 1,000 audio tapes of Terkel’s programs. We recently went through this entire archive and picked out about 40 of the best radio interviews he conducted to add to our Free Audio & Video Directory. You can browse them here:

Over 40 of The Best Studs Terkel Radio Interviews

These two high-quality radio archives provide an incredible history of voices from the past 60 years. It’s quite a time capsule to listen to these recordings and get into the minds of notable figures from yesteryear with the help of incredible interviewers like Terry Gross and Studs Terkel!